Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another beautiful lady in Heaven

It's happened again.  DARN IT ALL! For selfish reasons, I desired for it to be different.  As always, God knows best.

We lost a dear friend last week.  A strong, funny, full of life, loving life, never take for granted, wonderful mom, wonderful wife, lady.  In her battle with cancer she showed so many the true importance of life.  It's not the "stuff" we gain from this world, it's the "people" and "relationships" we gain.  There was never a day that I doubted her dedication and love for Jesus.  He was her all in all, her whole reason for being.  She said more than once "I want what God wants". God wanted her to join Him and she did, happily.

While this is a sad time for many, this is also such a joyous time as well.  For me, death is hard to take if I don't know where someone stood with the Lord.  It makes me sad to think that someone is not spending eternity (which~mind you~is much much much longer than our time here on Earth) with Jesus.  I desire for EVERYONE to be with Jesus.  When someone dies that I know is in Heaven, it brings me JOY! Death is not the end for a Christ follower.  It is most definitely THE BEGINNING! 

I will spend some time over the next couple of days remembering Deb's life.  I will spend time praying for her family here.  I will, hopefully, spend time throughout the rest of my life remembering what Deb reminded me.  She reminded me that the little children matter.  She reminded me that her husband mattered.  She reminded me that her family mattered.  Most importantly, she reminded me that she wanted what God wanted.  She left an amazing legacy!

Love and miss you Deb!

~oh, this is just between me and Deb...  Deb, could you please put in a good word for the Steelers this season? I know you'll be up there rooting for them!

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