Friday, September 30, 2011

The importance of dating

This is Tim and Shelby.  Daddy and daughter.  Shelby had a date yesterday, with her dad.  These are the most important kinds of dates that Shelby can have.  We have 4 girls so to say our time as parents is divided is an understatement.  Unless we carve time out to be intentional with our girls, we will not get alone-one on one time with them.  It is so important for our daughters to have a good great relationship with their daddy.  He is who they will use as a gauge when they are dating and when (*gasp*) they choose their spouse.  Our girls know their daddy loves them and that he has high standards for them.  I treasure my family so much.  I don't know how I got so blessed to have them, but I know I'm thankful for them.

~~~a funny side story..
Tim already has the boys scared to come to our house.  Shelby told us that one time a group of kids came and "ding dong ditched" our house.  It was dark so we couldn't see anyone.  The one boy  refused to come to the door.  He stood on the opposite side of the circle of our house because he is afraid of Tim.   Tim considers that a compliment.  It means he's doing his job very well :)

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