Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Butt dialing with Justin Bieber

Last night my oldest daughter was babysitting for our friends home group.  She comes home with some awesome stories that the kids say.  One kid asked her once if she had any kids. Last night one of the little girls asked her if she knew Justin Bieber.  To up her cool factor Shelby said "psh..yaaa! He's my boyfriend!" The little girl was in awe! They started singing "Baby" at the top of their lungs.  (My friend later told us that while they were signing downstairs, the prayer was going on and all of the adults heard the kids singing). Shelby took her phone out of her back pocket after they were done singing to check the time.  When she looked, the time was running on her phone.  It had been for 2.5 MINUTES!! She had butt dialed one of her contacts during the singing!! As she was putting the phone up to her ear she kept saying "OH GOSH" "OH GOSH" "OH GOSH".  After the hesitantly said hello, the voice on the other end said.."what the heck is going on there?" Shelby explained she was babysitting and they were singing.  She then repeated "OH GOSH" as she hung up. 

Needless to say she texted the whole way home asking this person to NOT tell anyone.  You know how THAT goes when you're a teenager!

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