Monday, April 30, 2012

Our M.O.M.'s group is expanding...

We had an ALMOST surprise baby shower for Christy in our Meeting Other Mom's group that meets on Friday's at my house.  This cake was made by the uber talented Kris Peterson..and yes, she found it on Pinterest.

The shower was intended to be a surprise and was right up to that morning.  Christy called me and said she wasn't sure she was going to make it.  I knew no other way to get her there than to spill the beans!  I'm glad I did cause we were able to love on and bless Christy, Kyle, Ruby, and baby girl Shoe #2

Enjoy some snapshots from the morning...

Jami will also be adding to our group.  She JUST found out today that they are having a boy to accompany their sweet little Ava.

Ruby will make a WONDERFUL big sister

These two crack me up!

sweet Ava

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shelby is 15 *gulp*

Can someone tell me where the time goes? I mean, I know how I spend my days, but where does the time go, really? I can't believe how 15 years has gone by in the snap of a finger, it seems.  I remember the day Shelby was born in great detail.  Which is pretty amazing since I often can't remember what happened yesterday.  My time with Shelby is becoming more and more limited.  It makes me tear up as I write this. 

I find I take great comfort from Proverbs 22:6 "train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not stray from it"

I have dreams for Shelby, but what I've found is that Shelby has dreams for herself.  She dreams of driving a car (talks of it A LOT, actually).  She dreams of going away from home for college.  She dreams of making her own decisions.  I hope and pray that we have trained her well so that she can do all of these things without straying from Jesus. 

Spring Break 2012

When we moved to Indiana, we were pleasantly surprised by the week off of school in April called "Spring Break".  This was new to us.  Pennsylvania did not have a "Spring Break".  After living here for 3 years, we were able to partake in "Spring Break" and boy oh boy I must say Pennsylvania doesn't know what it's missing!
We went to Orange Beach, AL.  It was a wonderful week full of sun & fun!  We can't wait for Spring Break to come around again!

This is Rori getting her first up close look at the Ocean

& this is Rori running as fast and as far away from the ocean as she can.

First dip in the ocean waves

Sadie & August getting a pedicure

Reagan & Shelby getting a pedicure

When they gave Reagan her pedicure, she had to scootch way down in the chair so they could reach her toes

the final look

our girls

this is my favorite picture from the week. I love how they look so similiar from behind with their hands in their pockets.

Rori playing in the ginormous sand box