Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tickling the ivories

While I was downloading my FLIP from the weekend, I came across these.  This is just me showing off my kids and being a proud mom.  I love tagging along in what my kids do.  There are so blessed.

All Great Racers come to Indy

That's what the sign said anyway...

We spent a wonderful weekend in Indy at the Long Course State Swim meet.  August swam like a fish, as usual and had a good weekend.

She swam in the IUPUI Natatorium, which is a pretty cool place.  There is a lot of history with great swimmers having competed there.
doing some warm ups
practicing some starts for the back stroke
Standing on the podium after getting her 5th place in the 50 Back stroke
The BEST swim coach!!!

This is somebody who has done something in swimming handing out the medals.  We just didn't know who.

There is a lot of swimming packed into the weekend. August had to qualify for the finals in the morning and then return in the evening to swim in the finals.  That's ok, though.  She was doing what she loves to do.  We were able to have dinner and get to know the other swim families a little better throughout the weekend.  It really was a great weekend.

August competed very well.  She finished 5th in the 50 back, 8th in the 100 back, 13th in the 50 breast, 13th in the 100 breast, and 14th in the 200IM.  We are so very proud of her.  She's an amazing young lady and we can't wait to see where God takes her with this amazing talent He has given her.

Here's a video of the 50 back  prelim race.  I need to learn to be quiet when I record.  I really don't like hearing my voice on here so, please, focus on August racing...she's in lane 5.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Teaching our kids to pray

I have been blessed to pray with little ones for a long time.  My own little ones and also little ones from church.  I have felt that it is important to teach them to give their all when they pray.  What does that mean?  Let me explain..

Do you know how squirmy and unfocused a little one can be?  One minute they are on their chair and the next minute they are attempting to climb a wall!  We all need to give our full attention and learn to be respectful when we pray.  I recently heard it explained in a way that I thought was a PERFECT way to teach children to pray.

*WHY DO WE FOLD OUR HANDS WHEN WE PRAY? OUT OF RESPECT FOR OUR FRIENDS.  It is hard to stay focused when we are trying to punch our friend or waving our hands in the air. If our hands are folded in front of us, they are not going to distract our friends.

*WHY DO WE CLOSE OUR EYES WHEN WE PRAY?  OUT OF RESPECT FOR OURSELVES. When our eyes are closed we are not looking around to see what our friends are doing and we can focus on our talk with God. 

*WHY DO WE BOW OUR HEADS WHEN WE PRAY? OUT OF RESPECT FOR GOD. God deserves us to bow before Him.  We are showing respect and love when we bow our heads to talk to God.