Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two married chefs

Tim and I partnered on a dish for dinner tonight.  It was Tim's idea.  He wanted to recreate a dish we had at Antonio's.  IT WAS DELISH!!!!  After eating it, our daughter declared that we were "two married chefs".  I'll take that as a compiment!

This photo doesn't do the taste justice.  I wanted to share with everyone!  All 3 of my "followers"  :)))))

Monday, December 27, 2010

OH NO! They did it again!!

Upon entering the pottay room this morning, I glanced to my left and what did I see?   THIS!

And they even had a sign this time to assure them nothing would hurt them when they changed the roll.  YEESH!!!!!!

Who's birthday is it, anyway??

Last Sunday was an awesome day!  Our kids sang some rockin' Christmas songs at church!

I wasn't able to go to service, but my oldest daughter, Shelby, did.  I asked her who gave the lesson.  She said Pastor Mark.  She said he told some pretty funny stories at the beginning.  She thinks he's a pretty funny guy.  Then I asked her what the lesson was about.  Her answer made me so thankful that we go to Granger Community Church.  She said Pastor Mark said that we need to remember that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, not ours.  Such an amazing, true statement.

We have this tradition at our house.  On Christmas morning, when we first get up (often waaaaay too early), we read the Christmas story from one of the Gospels.  We pray and give thanks for all that Jesus has given to us.  Then we have a "birthday brownie" cake.  We put one candle for each of us on the cake then we sing happy birthday and blow the candles out.  We think it's very important to make sure we put Jesus first on Christmas morning.  Before we do ANYTHING else, we celebrate Him first.

We hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and take the time to celebrate the gift that God gave us through His son, Jesus.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I thought I'd better write this post soon about Thanksgiving before it gets too close to Christmas and a post about Thanksgiving would seem...well, odd.

We were blessed to have our friends, Joel and Shari, over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Joel and Tim watched football and Shari and the girls played games.  Later, we watched Iron Man I and II.  It was a nice, relaxing day!

In preparation for the big feast, I had lotsa help.

For the weekend, Grandpa and Grandma came out for a visit

Rori is sooooo happy to get her picture taken.  Oh and "peek a boo" Grandpa!

Love Shelby's look here with Rori

Got everyone but Rori