Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's JUST a ring, right?


Recently my wedding ring broke.  I mean "can't even wear til I get fixed" broken.  I am so sad.  Let me tell you why.

I know that the wedding ring is a symbol.  Wearing it or not wearing it doesn't make my any more or less married.  I'm still married.  The ring holds tremendous sentimental value to me.  Tim picked this ring out for me all by himself, without my prompting.  This is what he gave me when he desired he wanted us to be "us" for the rest of his life.  I can't imagine not ever having this ring. 

Now there are those that will say, "this is the perfect opportunity for you to get a new one!" The old is broken, so get a new one.  Easy fix, right?  Again, WRONG!  While I enjoy getting new jewelry, my wedding ring is not something I want to replace or "upgrade".  It's not the same for me.  There's something about having this ring from the beginning.  It's been through everything with me.  It's comforting to me to think that I have a piece of Tim with me each and every day.  Every second and every hour.   I'm very happy with the "old" one...once I get if fixed, of course.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Reagan is 7

I can't believe how fast time goes.  There are some days and weeks that go so slow, but when you have a birthday, you realize how fast time goes. 

My third daughter, Reagan, is 7 today.  Unbelieveable!  She is an amazing blessing to our family.  Definately unique, definately smart, definately pretty, definately loves Jesus (c'mon!  I'm her mom!) 

I hope and pray that her dad and I are able to raise her well.  She deserves nothing less.  We love her with all of our heart.

Happy Birthday, Boo!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day

We took advantage of all the snow and went out and played in it.  I think Rori would have stayed out there all day if I would have let her!  Even out dog, Oreo, loves to be out in the snow!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mom's group

Meeting Other Moms = our new M.O.M. group.

Last week, we started a group for mom's.  We have started with a group from our church, but, hopefully, we can add more..both in and out of our church.  The kids all did so well playing together.  The toys at my house are "new" so they enjoyed those, too! The mommy's did well playing together too!  We have decided that we will discuss the book  The Five Love Languages for children.

I'm so excited to spend time with these ladies and  their little ones!