Monday, September 26, 2011

When I said "I DO"

When I got married 17 years ago, I had high hopes for a wonderful marriage.  I thought it would be easy to stay connected as a couple.  I thought we'd always be happy.  I thought we'd never have any major issues that would cause us to doubt our union.  I thought I knew it all.

Come to find out...I didn't know ANYTHING. Our marriage has been hard.  I've since learned that most marriages are hard.  I didn't realize that bringing two completely (emphasis on the word "completely") different people together would have its challenges.  Our marriage has had years of challenges.  Moments when we have both wanted to just give in and move on.  In our minds, that would have been the easy resolution. 

We have learned that even though our marriage is hard, we wouldn't trade it for the world.   We've gone from surving in our marriage to making a conscious attempt at thriving in our marriage.  We were not Christ followers when we married.  That was big mistake #1.  We are now living with Him as our guide.  While I don't think that we won't have hard times just because we are Christians, I do know that we don't consider giving up on each other and our faith is a huge part of that.

I will be guest blogging on the Time-Warp Wife's  She is devoting intentional loving on our husbands, day by day for the month of October.  I believe this is an amazing tool to spread joy and love to my spouse.  I hope others will too.

There is a video that has taken YouTube by storm.  I loooove this video of an older couple trying to figure out their new computer.  The love they have for each other is what I desire for my husband and myself.  I can only pray that we are even a teeny tiny bit like this when we are their age.


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