Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August is 12!

This is August.  It's kinda hard to find a picture of August NOT in the water.  She spends most of her time in the water.  Some people think we're crazy because of all of the time swimming takes of our schedule.  My answer to them is this.."August loves it so we love it".

August has an amazng wit about her.  She is funny without trying to be funny.  She has many "Augustism's" that our family enjoys.  She is a great kid and I'm so proud of her!

For her birthday this year, we had a swim party for her  (yes, more water). Here are some pictures of the afternoon.  This was such a sunny, warm day.  That is, right until it was time to go then the skies let loose with rain and wind!

August went to Indianapolis for State this summer for swimming.  It was so much fun.  The relay team she was on got 6th IN THE STATE!!!!

August, Emma, Kionna, & Maddie

the girls on the podium

the team with their 6th place medal!
August had an awesome year of being 11.  We are so excited to see where God takes us in her 12th year!

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