Thursday, October 27, 2011

Toilet's not just for the bathroom

I am not adverse to writing about toilet paper.  In fact, that's how I started out my blogging is by writing about toilet paper.  That instance was to my pet peeve within my household.  This time, I'm writing about a whole other use for toilet paper.

In the last 2 weekends, we have been TP'd ( I'm thinking this must be the verb form of toilet paper) twice.  Yes, twice.  The first time my neighbor came out in the middle of the night and cleaned it up fearing my daughters were going to be in huge trouble if we saw it.  I told her they would not be in trouble so this weekend when it happened again, she just texted me instead.

This week it happened again.  I would say "weekend" but the kids have fall break for 2 days so the weekend came early  (I just realized we were TP'd 2 times in  5 days). There were a few things that made this time more unique than the first time. 

1) my daughter knew it was going to happen.

2) said daughter came and woke us up at 2ish am to let us know that this was occurring.  I got up and came out front and flicked the lights a few times to scare them away.  Seemed to work because I saw the little boogers teenagers running away.

3) my daughter is (and thinks like) a teenager.  After I flicked the lights, I went back to bed.  Shelby went back to bed but lay there thinking "what would I do if I were them".  She immediately got back up and looked outside cause she knew they were coming back.  Sure enough, she was right!

4) There was nothing that Shelby could have done to stop the attack.  The alarm was set in the house and she didn't want to awaken us again. So she stood and flickered the lights some more.  When that didn't work anymore, she stood in front of the windows and waved at them.  They claim they didn't see her.

Shelby and I were awakened by Daddy.  He was on his way to work and said Shelby had to clean that mess up.  The teenagers did an amazing job. ( We later found out they used 69 rolls of toilet paper.) Unfortunately for them, they did not check the weather forecast.  The biggest enemy of being TP'd is rain.   It was raining.  To make matters worse, my neighbor had a showing on her house scheduled. 

I was not wanting to fight the whole rain vs toilet paper issue so I called the parents of one of the boys and requested they have their sons come back and clean up the mess.  Soon the boys were back and after a mere 4 hours later, they had the toilet paper mostly gone. 

During this 4 hour looooong process, we had some laughs.  They decided that 1) they were not going to get caught next time and 2) they were not going to TP us again.  I really liked to hear that last one.
I did take pity on them and took them out some cookies and let them come inside to warm up for a bit. 

I never really experienced being TP'd when I lived in PA.  I'm hoping that after the boys had to clean up after themselves today, I won't be experiencing it for a long time again.
The "Enforcer"

The "Mastermind"

The  "Supplier"

Shelby supervising


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