Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What a year this was!  Here are some facts from that year...

*Ronald Reagan was President
*The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded
*Chicago Bears were the Super Bowl Champions
*"We are the world" was the top song
*Oprah hit national television
*a gallon of gas was 93 cents!!!!!!
*dozen eggs 87 cents
*gallon milk $2.22
*1st class postage stamp 22 cents

This is what the hair style was..for both women and men

I was recently reminded of another event that happened in 1986.  Mark & Sheila Beeson answered the calling to bring a church to the Michiana area.  They, along with a handful of other people, started Granger Community Church  From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU for your obedience and for your faithful leadership.  Mark & Sheila have always had an undivided heart for Jesus.  They have helped change THOUSANDS of lives and advanced God's kingdom.  We are excited to see the next 25 years with you!

Mark & Sheila Beeson

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