Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our weekly M.O.M's (Meeting Other Mom's) group full of crafting!!!

We had sooo much fun at our weekly M.O.M's group!  We were crafting away this week. 

Casey & Jami prepping their frames.  Notice Ava hanging on tight to her mama's leg :)

Kris & Christy doing some damage with a staple gun

The frame that was made into a bow holder

The scarf  I made (!!!) from a tshirt

Consider this the start of my crafting "stash"
Rori & Ruby practicing being best friends

We got the ideas from the site Pinterest.  It is an extremely addicting site, but has a TON of ideas on any subject you could ever want to know about.
I love doing simple crafts.  Using a staple gun gives me the feeling of power!!!

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