Friday, November 11, 2011

My guest blogging debut!

Today is the day I've been anxiously awaiting!  I was blessed to contribute to a  blog of a lady that I admire.  Her challenge focuses on ways to love on your husband.  During the time that I've shared the daily blogs, I've had ladies ask me "GEE! Is there a blog like that for husbands too?!" While I'm sure there are, let me offer this one bit of advice.  Don't wait for you husband to start "doing" stuff for/to you before you reciprocate.  There is a huge amount of responsibility  to be a biblical husband.  We should be our husband's biggest cheerleaders.  While your needs and desires are important, don't solely focus on  them.  I know that there are situations that this will not work in, but I STRONGLY feel that if you love on your husband -  he will love on you back.

How do you love on your husband? I recommend the book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman.  This book will help you see how to best love on YOUR husband.


I also want you to know that no one is perfect.  My husband and I still argue and fight from time to time.  It's bound to happen.  We are such different people.  That's OK.  Just redirect and refocus and keep on moving!!! Always go forward, never backward.

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