Friday, December 2, 2011

Our family from my 7 year old's perspective

I was going through Reagan's school folder and found this assignment.  These are her own words..

"My name is Reagan Erin Hartzell.  My favrite animal is a pony, horse, cat and dog.  I have 3 sisters   my oldest sister is Shelby.  She is 14,  she is very funny.  She never gets in trouble only sometimes.  Because she is so funny she makes my parents in a good mood.  My Middle sister is named August her birthday is  in August.  She is 12 years old.  She is a swimmer a very very good swimmer.  Her and my dad could talk about swimming all day going blah bal bla blah and she loves to make fun of me and call me Brat, but then she asks me politely to play Just Dance 2 with her.  Because she is afraid of the spiders downstairs.  And last but not least also the cutest Rori She is 2 years old.  She is very,  very, cute! Cute , oh and the cutest thing ever is when she sings Na a Na Na hey hey hey goodbye.  She loves to sing that song.  And I have a half brother Jeremy and there's nothing really to say about him.   I never get to see him that much.  I can' really tell you about him.  All I can tell you is that he is 21.  And my mom loves to go on facebook and twitter.  She will be on there for two hours and phone she loves! And old daddy, my dad loves to play with games and go golfing.  He works very, very hard to keep the outside of the house clean.  Sometimes I ask him to play Mario Kart downstairs.  It is fun.  And that is all of my family!"

If you ever want to know what your 2nd grader thinks of you, just have them write a letter. 

Here is the video of the very, very, very cute Rori singing her song...

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