Thursday, December 15, 2011

The opening of the miracle at 2701 E. Bristol Stree

The back story..

Our church,,, has been a satellite campus simply called GCC-Elkhart.  We have been a mobile site for about 3 years now since the campus was first started.  We have been blessed and have loved doing God's work through our campus. 

Several months ago, another church approached the leadership of GCC and offered to GIVE us their building.  Let me say that again...they offered to GIVE  us their building!!!   After a short time, we accepted their gracious offer. 

Last Sunday was the 1st time that we met at 2701 E. Bristol Street.  It was an amazing day!! To see the building full and alive was such a humbling site to witness.  I am so excited to have a  permanent location that we can set down roots in.  To be an outpost 24/7 365 days a year to spread and show the love of Jesus.

I took some pictures.  They focus on the children's ministry.  That's the ministry I help in.  That's the ministry that has my heart. 

One of the kids wrote this on the board
Awesome Mr. Joe playing with the 2 year olds
The song and praise time for the K-5th graders 
We are sending cards and these are what the kids wrote
Sing & praise time with the 3-5 year olds

It was an amazing day! I look forward to where God leads us in the coming days!!!

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