Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do your kids repeat you?

I was outside this morning with the dogs and I heard a bird giving a call out.  Shortly after I heard another bird repeat what the first bird did.  It made me think of the Mockingjay in the book The Hunger Games.  But then it made me think of my kids.

I thought "do my kids repeat what I say?" Do I want them to repeat what I say? Am I setting a good example for them? As I pondered this, I began to realize that, I DO want them to learn from me.  I understand that there are outside influences in their lives.  To be honest, I try to influence and direct those influences when I can.  Some instances I can (youth group) and some instances I can't (school).  But ultimately their foundation is set at home.  I (and my husband) have the responsibility to be do-ers.  I desire they repeat what I do considerably more than what I desire they repeat what they see at school. 

My kids are going to repeat and learn from someone.  I want that someone to be their dad and me.

I'm thankful for this reminder this morning.  I know God was reminding me of this when I took the time to listen.  Listen to the birds and also listen to God.

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