Friday, October 12, 2012

Update on my niece, Trinity

My sister, her husband, and Trinity are back in the states! They made the trip last weekend along with a full crew of about 10 people to help take care of Trinity on the way over. 

The first leg of the trip was from Japan to Hawaii and took about 9 hours.  Trinity had a rough trip.  They had to sedate her and had tubes in so many places.  One was down her throat and was painful for her.  The noise from the aircraft disrupted her.  She kept coming out of the sedation and trying to take the tubes out.  Her blood pressure was way out of control.  They ended up paralyzing her for her safety and comfort.  Once they got to Hawaii they were able to get her under control.

The second leg was 10 hours from Hawaii to Philadelphia and it went much better for Trinity.  Her oxygen levels were much better.  Once they got to Philly, they took an ambulance to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

My sister and her husband were with Trinity for the whole travel.  They sat in jump seats for the whole 19 hour trip.  Not the most comfortable way to travel, but it didn't matter because they were with their baby.

Once Trinity got to Philadelphia she went through a barrage of tests.  The Dr.s found numerous things.  Along with the narrowed artery to her heart, she has a hole in her heart.  The tube from her bladder to kidney is narrow.  Her spinal cord is tethered to her muscles.  She has a narrowing esophagus.  2 days ago she had a colostomy bag put in.  While she was under for the surgery for that, they did a scope to look at everything.  They weren't able to get all of the answers they wanted so they will have to do another scope.  Because of the surgery, she has been limited in eating which means they've kept her sedated a lot. 

As you can imagine, this is extremely hard for Sirrena and Shawn.  They stand by and watch their little girl go through all of this.  It's hard.  They could use prayer for so much.  Prayers for Trinity.  Prayers for them to be able to stay strong and united as a team.

We are so appreciative of all of the support.  Your prayers and thoughts mean a lot to all of us.

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