Monday, October 1, 2012

I am a new Aunt. Meet Trinity Jewel Airis

This is my new niece, Trinity Jewel Airis
My sister and her husband (who are stationed in Japan with the US Air Force) just blessed all of us with a wonderful new addition.  She is a very tiny little girl.  Weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 8ozs and 17 inches long. 
Though she is tiny, she is a fighter.  Trinity was born with some health issues.  She has a heart mummer and a vein to her heart is a little more narrow than it should be.  Because of these things she will need heart surgery.  They are waiting until she is at least 11lbs for that. 
And that's not all..
Her colon and urethra grew together causing problems with her female parts.  Within an hour of her being born, she was transported to a hospital in Tokyo. She is the first baby for her mommy and daddy.  My sister got to hold her before they transported her.  They have been driving daily to see Trinity.  They have been able to feed her and bath her.  My sister has even been able to nurse her some.  That has meant a lot to her.
The Dr.'s in Japan feel it is best if Trinity gets her care in the States so they are in the process of coming back home.  Trinity is going to need many specialists and care for many years. We don't know where they will be going yet.  Hopefully that will be decided soon. 
  My sister and her husband are very strong people and I admire their courage and care during this time.  With that being said, it is still very hard for them.  I will be happy when they are back in the States and we, their family, can come alongside them.  Until then, I have been praying.  Praying for Trinity to stay strong.  Praying for Sirrena and Shawn to stay strong.  Praying for the dr.'s and nurses and everyone involved in Trinity's care to seek their wisdom from Jesus in how they treat her.  Praying for the trip back to the States (Trinity will be flying with a full set of Dr.s and nurses). Praying for this little girl to make a difference in the lives that she encounters.  I also pray that this situation will bring everyone closer to God, not away from Him. 
I am going to lean into God.  My faith has prepared me for a time such as this.  I don't know why this has happened.  I don't even like that this has happened to Trinity and Sirrena and Shawn.  I do know that God has a reason and it's bigger than I can understand.  
Will you join me in praying for Trinity? I know her parents will appreciate it greatly. 


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