Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There's a waterfall where?!

We were pleasantly surprised to learn and explore a waterfall right in our own back yard in PA.  I grew up there and never even knew it existed!

 The girls maneuvering their way around the waterfall.

We had quite the downhill journey to get to the falls.  All of the girls passed right by this snake! Had to call them back to show them what they nearly stepped on!

Faith and Shelby striking a pose

Shelby checking to see if I was done taking pictures.  I find this very hilarious!

The girls at the top of the falls

Rori had to get some nourishment from a twinkie before she would even begin to consider approaching the water

But she gradually started her approach

she stepped in!

and took off her cover up!

crazy girls! This water was sooooo cold!

Oma with the girls

a picture to prove how crazy these 2 are.  They went the whole way in the water.  They came out nearly blue from how cold it was!

If I had a bucket list, this would be on it and I would be able to cross it off. 

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