Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rori is "free" years old

Can't believe it, but it's true! Rori is 3 years old! She was able to blow the candles out this year (with the help from daddy). We are all so blessed by this little girl!

I enjoy making the cakes for the girls for their birthday.  As they get older, the cakes get simplier.  Rori wanted an "umi-zoomi" cake this year.  Please  don't look up the show because then you'll see how far off I was on my duplication.  But, for my 3 year old, it was perfect!

One of the highlights of Rori's birthday celebration was that her BFF Ruby was able to be with her!

When she got her wand she immediately said "bippity boppity boo!" A true princess in training.

She tested out how soft her new pillow pet was.

Riding her new scooter. 

Sharing her new scooter.

And since we had our family photographer at our house we thought we'd get a family picture in...

Then our honorary family member wanted to join in...

The final picture...

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