Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines project

If you don't know what Pinterest is, I'm torn to recommend it to you.  It is a WONDERFUL site.  I get a lot of recipes, how to ideas, craft ideas, home decorating ideas from it.  This site pretty much makes magazines a thing of the past.  Then why do I have a hard time recommending it to you??? Because it's ADDICTING!!!

But yet helpful at the same time..

I got this idea from Pinterest for Reagan's valentines for her class this year. 

Since we got these for a Christmas gift

I knew this was the right craft for us.

start with the template.  Sorry this is side ways...

Red foam paper

brown foam paper

black Sharpie for tracing

trace the lips onto the red foam paper

trace the mustache's on the brown foam paper

cut them out

after they are cut out

Insert the lollipop into foam paper.  This is super easy to do.

Good thing her lips are smiling cause she's sure not

Super easy and super unique!  There wasn't another like it in her bag!!!

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