Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's baaaaack...on my finger

A while back my wedding ring broke.  It was in the spring last year.  I put it in my jewelry box and forgot about it.  (That's what I normally do when I put something out of sight..I forget about it)  For Christmas my husband took it to the jeweler and had it fixed.  Not only did he fix the part that was broken, he had the stone remounted.  One of the issues with my ring was that the raised stone would catch on everything.  In the washer, in the dryer, in the dishwasher,..pretty much the places I spent most of my time.  I love my new to me ring.  LOVE IT!!

In my previous blog about my broken ring, I said I didn't ever want an "upgrade".  And I still don't.  However, after looking at this new setting, I do believe we can add on to this quite nicely...**hint** **hint**

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