Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book review "The Good Wife's Guide" by Darlene Schacht

Last year I was blessed to be able to contribute on a blog about marriage at Darlene asked me to review her brand spanking new ebook, "THE GOOD WIFE'S GUIDE", and I am so glad I said yes!

This book motivated me, made me say some "AMEN'S", and encouraged me.  While society is not a proponent of building a marriage through biblical foundations, Darelene is.  This is an extremely refreshing book. 

From the beginning, Darlene states we need to have our top 2 priorities be FAITH & FAMILY--IN THAT ORDER!! Everything you do and every way you do it has to be done to please Jesus Christ...not society! She further states "our husbands are an extension of our relationship with God, not the root". We need to keep first things first.

I hadn't thought of "spoiling" in such a way until I read "As a keeper of the home, I am entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the things that we have.  My husband supports our family financially, so if I make a big supper and leave the leftovers on the cupboard to spoil overnight I'm wasting money that he has laboured for.  Or, for example, if I'm not diligent to turn off the lights when I leave a room or turn down the heat at night, I'm showing disrespect to my husband and setting an example of disrespect to my children."  I will certainly remember this point forever.

Not only does Darlene give us biblical guidance, she also gives us PRACTICAL applications as well.  I have followed her house cleaning schedule for over a year now and cannot tell you how it has drastically helped me and taken the burden off of my shoulders.  It has immensely helped my marriage because "having a clean house" is a love language of my husband.

You can purchase this book on Amazon for $4.95 (yes, that's it! Skip a Starbucks run and buy this book! You'll be glad you did!)  And because I give this book 2 BIG THUMBS UP, I want to share it with you! I am giving away a copy of "THE GOOD WIFE'S GUIDE" from my blog!!!! Simply follow my blog and on January 27th at 5:00pm I will randomly choose a winner. Believe me when  I tell you that this is a book that every "wife, mother, homemaker, or hopeful bride" should have and read often.

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  1. This looks like an amazing book. I read Darlene's blog all the time! I now follow your blog. Thanks, Shonda

  2. Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

  3. Thanks for posting about your blog on Facebook. This sounds like an excellent book. How nice of you for sharing. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Thank you so much for the follow! It means alot to me!!