Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zion Ladies Retreat...Part 2 -- "Riding the highs and lows"

`Here is some more information from my weekend.  It was such a great lesson..I can't keep it to myself :)

***God made us how we are with what we are and that includes our emotions

***Our emotions are like the wind, we need to set our souls on the word of God

***Emotions are anything that moves us

***Reasoning from your emotions is dangerous.  My feelings will override the right and wrongs

***We balance our mates

***We don't shut our emotions off

***Do you reason from your emotions or from the truth?

***Unpredictable emotions are a woman's greatest danger.  This is SOOOOO true.  I, as a woman, have to be extremely careful where I let my emotions go.  When I use them for the good, it can be an amazing thing but when I use them for the bad, it could affect my life in a dangerously negative way.

***You are the first victim of your own heart

***What you react to comes out of your heart

***God is looking for the conduct we choose.

***Feelings are rarely a gauge of reality

***Whatever you're fighting, stand on scripture to combat it.  That's how we fight it!

***As I'm riding my highs and lows, am I getting glory for myself.  I need to remember that in all I do, it's for the Glory of God..not the glory of man!

***Your balance is to be anchored in the word of God.  That is where I need to seek my knowledge and where I need to learn how to handle situations.

Here are some more pictures from this weekend! 

Miss Sandy getting an awesome case of the "I can't stop" giggles :)

Doesn't this make you want to LAUGH OUT LOUD!

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