Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zion Ladies Retreat--part 3 "The Perfect Storm"

Recap from part 3 of the retreat I was blessed to be at last weekend.

***Jesus had emotion.  He was not driven by emotions, but He had them.

***Jesus on earth was not swayed by other people's expectations of Him.

***We all need to drink in the water of the word.

***How to respond to emotions***
  1)  accept that you have them
  2)  restore
  3)  dedicate our mind, will, and emotions (actions) to God
  4)  identify the thought
  5)  practically speaking..get enough sleep
  6)  anticipate the time you will be weak
  7)  know what your triggers are

***We are not given a license of happiness to serve ourselves.

I, as a woman, know that I need to be extremely careful how I deal with my emotions.  I need to realize that they have been given to me by God.  They are a wonderful and blessed gift from God.  As with everything else in my life, I need to make sure I make wise choices with how to react to my emotions.  It's not always easy, but it's always worth it!  I GUARANTEE IT!

The beautiful castle
for all of my Indiana friends..that land that is steep and going down is called a "hill"
some people will do anything for a prize.  Even trying to get an oreo from your forehead to your mouth the quickest!
Holly..our speaker.  The picture is blurry..sorry
our "lady of honor".  Pastor Paul, our sound guy extrordinaire!

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