Friday, September 3, 2010

Just finish it...please

I gotta admit.  This bothers me.  This is a common site at my house.  I don't understand why, if you've already gone to the trouble of getting the t.p. out, why not replenish it on the holder????


  1. You're so right!

    Recently I tried to solve my similar problem by doing away with the traditional TP holder Entirely replacing it with a towering hand woven basket. ( Capacity 4 mega rolls- woo hoo ) The lid of this basket has a knob where the roll sits squarely. This new format has been easy for the family to assimilate because they only need to adaopt their habitual proceedure 90 degrees to make this thing work!!

    When the time comes they seem eager to seek out the replacement roll....just look under the lid! SO in the end....everyone is happy!

    You must be a brilliant blogger, you inspired me to participate in one of the silly things!!

    Congratulations Sister, On a job well done!
    Happy recent Birthday!

  2. Good luck. I don't think anyone has been able to conquer this feat in the last, oh, century or so. :p