Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's not saying "Goodbye", it's saying "I'll see you later"

Yesterday, we said "see you later" to an amazing wife, mother, and friend.  I knew Kristy had touched many lives while she was here, but to sit and hear how intentional and focused she was with her faith was truely amazing.  We all cried.  We all laughed.  Her family is nothing less than stellar.  On Sunday, all of the Ekema's were at church.  Some were SERVING!  Imagine, they have just lost one of the most important people in their lives, and they are at chuch serving others.  That is where you see Jesus. 

Last week, little Ava went home to Jesus.  I did not know her, but I prayed for her.  I watched her memorial service online.  I cried.  I laughed.  I have been following her dad's blog throughout Ava's battle.  I read moments of anguish.  I read moments of turmoil.  I read, in every entry, deep and utter commitment to Jesus.  Recently, her dad posted these words.."today was pretty dang good".  He has just lost one of the most precious people in his life and he's still saying that his day was good.  That's where you see Jesus.

It's a paradox to see happiness in the midst of pain.  To CELEBRATE in the midst of death.  Those that don't know Jesus don't understand the happiness in death.  For us, it's not an end but a beginning.  It is what we strive for.  My whole purpose is to get to heaven and be with Jesus.  I can think of nothing greater.  The only time we say "goodbye" to someone is when they DON'T know Jesus.  Now that is a sad day.

I will continue to pray for these families.  They will have some tough times ahead.  I know that they will be putting all of their strength in Jesus.  I know that there will be a day when they will see their loved ones face to face.

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