Friday, May 4, 2012

Academic Awards Banquet

"C" stands for Concord.  This is the academic letter that Shelby earned last night at the Academic Awards Banquet. 

The school honored the kids that have GPA's of 3.67 or higher with a dinner and award ceremony.  It was a wonderful evening!  The top 10 from the Sr. class wrote a speech and recognized the teacher that meant the most to them throughout their years at Concord.  I was so impressed and entertained at the way these kids honored their favorite teacher.  They had me laughing and crying. 

As I was sitting there last night beaming with pride for my Shelby, I remembered sending her to school for the first time.  My dream was then, as it is now, that she will be able to absorb every academic drop that the school has to offer.  I did not send her to school when she was 5 in hopes of her getting a basketball scholarship .  My hopes was that she would learn well and that her academics would take her to wherever she wanted to go.  I know she has a good academic environment at Concord and I'm excited to see where the next 3 years take her.

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