Friday, April 8, 2011

Today is her birthday! (Let's pretend it's yesterday, eh?)

Today is the celebration of the birth of my daughter, Shelby.  I remember this day 14 years ago so well.  There has not been a day that I have not been extremely proud to be her mom.  I am blessed and humbled that she was given to me.  She is an amazing young lady.  She makes her decisions based on her faith.  She's there to lend a hand whenever needed.  She's trustworthy.  She's intelligent.  She's beautiful.  She has a great sense of humor.  You might think that I'm just saying this because she's my daughter, but you'd be wrong.  These are all characteristics of Shelby. Ask anyone.

I find myself thinking about the future a lot now for Shelby.  She will be starting high school next year.  She will have many big decisions to make in the coming years.  It won't always be easy and I won't always be by her side to help guide her.  It's true when people say that you have to trust in the way you've raised your children at some point in their lives.   I have a few precious years to continue to raise and lead and guide her, I know that all too soon she'll be away at college.  For the moment, I will cherish all of the time I have with her.

I know she's not the rosy, chubby, cherub of a baby she was 14 years ago, but she is most certainly still an angel.

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